Carpet & Sofa cleaning service

carpet & sofa cleaning services also available


We offer competitive, well structure price for every garment you wants to be processed by us.



Tie/Muffler/Cap/Gloves             Rs -  60

Shirt/Tees/Trousers                  Rs -  90

Kurta/Pyjamas                         Rs -  90

Jeans                                      Rs -  90

Dhoti/Bathrobe                        Rs -  110

Kids' wear (per piece)/shorts      Rs -  90

Sweater/Pullover/sweatshirt      Rs - 120

Designer Kurta (alll size)            Rs - 150

Shawl                                     Rs -  90

Long Kurta                              Rs -  110

Undergarments                       Rs -   70


Shirt/Tees/Top/Blouse               Rs - 90

Kurta/Shorts/skirt/Peticoat         Rs - 90

Kamiz/Salwar                            Rs - 90

Trousers/Leggings(non-jeans)     Rs - 90

Dupatta/Scarf                            Rs - 70

Jeans/Jeggings/Kurta(long)         Rs - 90

Night Gown/Maxi/Bathrobe        Rs - 110

Sweater/Pullover/sweatshirt      Rs -120 

Long Dress (gown)                       Rs - 190

Dupatta/Shawl(designer)                Rs - 120

Saree (plain)                            Rs - 250

Undergarments                       Rs -   70



Pillow Cover          Rs -    50

Hand Towel           Rs -    50

Bath Towel            Rs -    70

Table Cloth (small)  Rs -    50

Table Cloth (large)   Rs -    80

Single Bed Sheet     Rs -   120 

Double Bed Sheet    Rs -   160

Blanket (single)       Rs -   250

Blanket (double)       Rs -  300

Duvet cover (single)  Rs -   140

Duvet cover (double) Rs -   180

Quilt/Duvet              Rs     500

Curtains                   Rs -  600

Sofa cover(small per pc)      90

Sofa cover (large per pc)     150

Car Seat Cover (per pc)        120

Pillow Small             Rs      150


Small Toys                             Rs -  149

Medium Size                          Rs - 299

Big Size                                 Rs - 399 


Fix Tears 
Pants Zippers Replaced
Sleeves Shortened 

Trousers shortened 
Take Waist In or Out 



Carpet Cleaning     (Per sq.ft.)  Rs -   30

Sofa Cleaning        (Per Seat)   Rs -  500

Chair Cleaning    (Double Back)  Rs - 250

Car seat cleaning    (4 Seater)   Rs -2500

Car Seat cleaning    (big cars)   Rs - 3600

(we follow 8 steps procedure to clean and sanitize these items)


Saree(zari) /Anarkali (work)       Rs - 450

Bridal saree/Bridal anarkali       Rs - 799 

Ghagra 2 piece (normal)            Rs - 499

Ghagra 3 piece (designer)          Rs - 699

Waist Coat                              Rs - 150

Blazer/Jacket                          Rs -  250

Coat/Overcoat                         Rs - 350

Leather Jacket                         Rs - 500

Sherwani 2 piece (normal)        Rs -  350

Sherwani 2 piece (designer)     Rs -  490


Shirt/Tees/Trousers                   Rs - 20

Kurta/Pyjamas/Shorts                       Rs - 20

Jeans/Sweat-shirt                     Rs - 25  Skirt.Petticot/Blouse                 Rs - 20

Kamiz/Salwar                           Rs - 20

Blazer/Jacket                               Rs   120

Suit (2 piece)                            Rs - 150

Suit (3 piece)                            Rs - 180

Gown/Lehenga/Ghagra                Rs - 120

Wedding Dress/Designer Lehenga      Rs - 200

Sherwani (normal)                     Rs- 150

Sherwani (designer)                   Rs -180


Sports Shoe cleaning                Rs - 250

Leather Shoe cleaning              Rs - 500

Suede Shoe cleaning                Rs - 500


Rs 180 per Kg

Terms & Conditions

These prices are subject to change. Up charges apply to certain fabrics, special finishing, and expedited service.

Express Delivery will be done in 12hrs with additional charges.

Sorry but we cannot be liable for:

(a) Any item which suffers colour loss / shrinkage/ damage, during the cleaning process, whereby the manufacturer’s care label instructions have been adhered to.

(b) For breakage of buttons, hooks, beads, trimmings during the course of normal processing.

(c) We will always of course attempt to remove stains, however it is not always physically possible to remove all types of stains from all types of fabrics and we will not waive charges due to our inability to remove a stain.

(d) Customers are requested to examine their garments before taking delivery and we are not responsible for any damage reported after delivery.

Compensation for any loss or damaged at our processing facility will not be more than 10x of our service charge for purticular item or maximum of Rs 2000 whichever is lower (normal wear and tear is a fact of life, which is not covered).

(e) For delay, loss or damage to any arising from unforeseen circumstances or from causes beyond control.

(f) We accept no liability for garments that have missing or removed Care Labels.

(g) We exercise utmost care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials (such as sun fading on curtains) which may result in tears or the development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. In dry-cleaning and laundering we can not guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to weak and tender fabrics.

(h) Given the delicate nature of some leathers and suedes, all leather and suede garments are cleaned entirely at your own risk, and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or fading as a result of the dry-cleaning process.

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