Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services.


We groom your clothes
Spintub Laundry Services, Online laundry solutions in Mumbai, 


What we do.

Spintub Laundry Services has been offering professional, reliable, affordable laundry services in Mumbai City covering locations from Colaba to Vileparle for the past many years.
We are a small company with big-time solutions.  With years of experience, we have perfected our laundry processes to provide outstanding cleaning while extending textile life.
Spintub Laundry Services makes the difference when it comes to delivering not only the service, but the promises.
We are committed to providing a laundry service to all institutions intent on providing quality while focusing on cost containment and the optimum use of linen.

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services.

We are committed to the environment:

  • No use of harmful toxic chemicals

  • Safe for you and your family

  • Safe for the environment

  • Only non-toxic substances such as water,

  • biodegradable soap and steam are used

  • Garments look cleaner, last longer,

  • feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

  • No allergic reactions

Commercial Sector

Spintub Laundry Services Provide services to Shops, Showrooms, SPA & Garment wash

  • We specialize in healthcare laundry and also service institutional, commercial and industrial facilities, including nursing homes, health spas, clinics, hotels, and hospitality.

  • We provide free pick up and delivery to the all Suburban areas of Mumbai.

Residential Sector

  • Spintub Laundry Services has been offering dependable, on-time, competitively priced, quality residential laundry. 

  • Well-trained staff and laundry attendants, just like family -- we handle and treat your

  • clothes, delicates, and precious silks better than any other.

  • Safe and environment friendly detergents and dry-cleaning products are used.

  • Fast, complete and quality service. Pick-up and delivery services for free!